Basic characteristics / Property

1. Outstanding weather resistance ability, color won’t be disseminated and faded in years when exposing to the air.
2. Clear sheet: Transmittance achieve at high level at 92%. Opal sheet: Obtained excellent efficiency in light diffusion
3. Bright and rigid surface, offer a variety of selection: Glossy to matted finished side.
4. The acrylic sheet’s surface is as hard as Aluminum material, close to its scratches resistant ability.
5. Well performed in fabrication, easy to be formed.
6. Excellent in chemical resistance property
7. Stable physical property, suitable for any kinds of usage, construction projects…etc.
8. Light in weight and safer than glass.
9. Easy to clean.
10. Can be recycle, environmentally friendly.

Flammability / Combustibilit

1. Acrylic sheet is Grade B2 (DIN 4102) flammable/ combustible material; should be kept away from fire. However, acrylic sheet can be polished by flame.
2. The burning speed is similar to hard wood. With advantage of no thick smoke during the burning and won’t smolder after fire extinguishing.
3. When burning, the flame is stable for cast acrylic sheet; on the contrary, the extrude sheet will have flame drops.
4. The flame of flame retardant grade acrylic sheet distinguished when removed from the fire point, but it creates more smoke during burning.


1. Store sheets with film (PE film with pressure sensitive adhesive or paper masking on the back)
2. Place them upright (about 10 degree angle), keep 30 centimeter away from the separating board.
3. Avoid placing horizontally.
4. Store in a cool, dry ventilated room under suitable temperature.

Safety Instruction

1. Acrylic sheet belongs to hard material, be aware of sharp edges and prevent eyes being injured when forming the sheet. Put on appropriate facility to protect when molding.
2. Acrylic sheet is flammable material, pay attention to fire and explosion.
3. To avoid overheating situation happened during heat up acrylic sheet, it is easy to produce flammable gas. To keep the room ventilated.
4. Thermoforming facility must have protective devices.

Mechanical Fabrication

General principle: The fabrication property is similar to brass, hard Aluminum, hard wood. But here are three points to be mentioned.
1. Sheets become soft when heating temperature over 80 degree. High heat will be produced during the mechanical fabrication procedure, which
2. During the mechanical fabrication procedure will produce high heat
3. When heating temperature over 80 degree, sheet become soft. During the mechanical fabrication procedure will produce high heat that is easy to make acrylic sheet stressed. On this situation, acrylic sheet easy to be break. Therefore, suitable cooling method is a must.